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Jordan clears minefields in south
25/8/2008 17:05

Jordan officially declared that the 14 million square meters of lands in southern Aqaba and Wadi Araba regions are now free from mines, local daily The Jordan Times reported today.
National Committee for De-mining and Rehabilitation (NCDR) Chairman HRH Prince Mired yesterday said Jordan has completed the de- mining project, which began in July 2006, six months ahead of schedule without injury, thanks to the close cooperation with Norway, Germany, Japan and Finland among others.
This paves the way for lands to be returned to their owners and allows work to begin on lands slated for major investment projects including the proposed Red-Dead Canal, and the massive Ayla Oasis resort project on the northern shores of Aqaba.
The lands in the Aqaba and Wadi Araba regions had been contaminated with around 58,624 landmines planted by the Israeli army following the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.
In the meanwhile, NCDR Director Mohammad Breikat said another major de-mining task is under way in northern area of Mafraq.
The northern border project aims at clearing 93 minefields along the Jordanian-Syrian border and is the country's last de- mining task, according to the official.