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Jordanian protesters urge Israel to end blockade against Gaza
20/11/2008 17:43

Hundreds of Jordanians have held a demonstration in the capital Amman in protest against Israel's blockade of Gaza, urging for an end to the worsening humanitarian conditions in the coastal enclave, daily The Jordan Times reported today.
The protesters marched from the headquarters of the Islamic Action Front (IAF), which organized the demonstration, to the parliament building yesterday, calling for an end to the embargo, according to the report.
IAF secretary general Zaki Bani Rsheid was quoted as saying that "we want to send a message to the international community and Western governments who claim to stand for democracy and human rights" that Israel must stop "the hypocrisy towards our people in Palestine."
"This unjust blockade must stop now," he stressed.
Despite requests from the EU and the UN, Israel continued a complete lockdown of the coastal Gaza Strip, keeping cargo crossings, a main passageway for fuel and humanitarian aid, shut in response to rocket and mortar fire at Israeli border towns.