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Israeli warplanes continue bombing Gaza
31/12/2008 11:03

Israeli warplanes yesterday evening carried out several airstrikes against different targets in the Gaza Strip.

The latest two airstrikes were against the compound of Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' office, and the cabinet building of Hamas, which was first bombed on Sunday. Both targets are in the Gaza City.

A short while ago, Israeli air force launched a massive strike on a network of Hamas-dug tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip near the Egypt-Gaza border.

The Israeli army said that it hit 30 additional targets over the course of yesterday, including rocket launchers used by Palestinian militants, rocket launching cells, rocket launching sites, weapon-manufacturing facilities, Hamas outposts and armed terror operatives.

Mo'aweya Hassanein, chief of emergency and ambulance services in the Palestinian health ministry told reporters that since Saturday, Israel has killed in the intensive airstrikes carried out on the Gaza Strip some 380 Palestinians, over 1,700 people were injured.

Hassanein warned of a severe humanitarian crisis and more death in the Gaza Strip due to the shortage of medicine, blood, special gases for surgical operations and other medical equipment.