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Diplomats say tests show no nuclear activity at Iran's site
29/9/2004 11:08

Tests of soil samples have shown no signs of nuclear activities at a site in northern Iran, a diplomat in Vienna said Tuesday.
The diplomat said the soil samples of the Lavizan military establishment showed "negative," meaning that the samples contained no traces of nuclear materials.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has not commented on the results so far. But some diplomats in Vienna said the results will support Iran's claim that the razed military site, a former military research laboratory, had nothing to do with atomic- related activities.
But the United States has suspected the place is linked to Iran 's nuclear program.
A 35-nation board-of-governors' meeting earlier this month demanded Iran stop all activities related to uranium enrichment. It also called on Iran to accelerate cooperation with agency inspectors probing past and present nuclear activities.