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Bangladesh gov't bans two religious groups
24/2/2005 7:41

Bangladeshi government Wednesday banned two religious groups, accusing them of a series of bomb attacks and murders to create anarchy using peoples' religious sentiments, reported the official Bangladesh News Agency.

A home ministry press-note issued here on Wednesday formally announced that the government notices with concern that the two organizations called Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh (JMJB: Awakening Muslim) and Jamatul Mujahedin (Group of Fighters) were carrying out a series of murders, robbery, bomb attacks, threats and various kinds of terrorism, causing deaths to peace loving people and destruction of property.

Using the religious feelings, these people were trying to create social unrest by misleading a group of youths, said the press note, adding the government wants to firmly inform all that such kinds of activities will not be tolerated, thus the government is determined to take legal measures against whoever is engaged in terrorism or activities to frustrate peace and discipline.

Under this circumstance, the government announces enforcement of ban on all activities of the JMJB and Jamatul Muhjahidin.

Explaining the background of the tougher government stance, the home ministry press-note said that in recent periods several incidents of attacks, bomb attacks and blasts were carried out on different social, cultural and religious functions and several branches of Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee and Grameen Bank at different parts of the country.

It said the incidents prompted the government to intensify police vigil all over the country resulting in the "red handed" arrest of a number of suspects in northern areas.

The police action also led to seizure of some explosives and "objectionable books and booklets," it said.

According to the confessional statements of some of the people arrested, they are all members of the JMJB and Jamatul Mujahedin, and they are engaged in such criminal activities to attain their objectives, said the press note.

It further pointed out that in the identical confessions the arrested persons claimed Siddiqul Islam alias Bangla Bhai (Bangladesh Brother) and Rajshahi University teacher Dr Asadullah Al Galib as their leaders.

Their so-called leader Dr Asadullah al Galib has already been arrested, while the police have been ordered to intensify their activities to arrest JMJB leader Bangla Bhai, said the press note.

Xinhua News