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New York supermarket explosion injures three
22/3/2005 11:43

Three people were hospitalized following an explosion and fire at a supermarket in the Bronx, New York, on Monday.
The store owners said they smelled smoke and gas coming from the supermarket and notified the management. Workers went inside and turned on the lights, apparently triggering a powerful explosion that rocked the market and rattled nearby buildings.
Three supermarket employees were taken to Jacobi Hospital. Their injuries are not life threatening, officials said.
One firefighter also suffered minor injuries.
The cause of the fire is under investigation, but fire officials advised local residents to call the fire department and not to touch anything if they smell gas as a gas explosion can be triggered by anything electrical that can give off a spark.
Also on Monday, a sanitation worker was shot in the stomach in Brooklyn while picking up trash this morning, police said.
The worker was apparently caught in the crossfire of two people shooting at each other, police and witnesses said.
Police said the shooters fled the scene. No arrests have been made so far.
The president of the sanitation workers' union said members often face dangerous situations and suffer more accidents and injuries than any other city workers.