During what was dubbed as a "super state visit" to Britain, President Xi Jinping witnessed the signing of deals worth 40 billion pounds (61.5 billion U.S. dollars).
That's Shanghai
Culture of China
China Voyage

Exploring the charming routes while experiencing the fascinating customs, you will enjoy not only the mystery and nostalgia of the ancient land, but fad and fashion of metropolis as well. Bon Voyage!
Chinese Cuisine

No one can understand the culture of a country without first experiencing its food and drink. Chinese culinary traditions have adapted freely and changed fluidly with time. Over the course of 5000 years, these culinary traditions have been devised and perfected and have withstood the test of time.

Ancient Philosophy

Chinese philosophy has a history of several thousand years. Throughout history, Chinese philosophy has been molded to fit the prevailing schools of thought and circumstances in China. At a time of intellectual thought, these philosophic ideas greatly affected China's society.

Ethnic Costume

Clothes of Chinese ethnic minorities are flowery and colorful, extremely exquisite, and highly characteristic. There are numerous clothing designs
and forms in Chinese ethnic minorities. They constitute an important part of the rich history and culture of the nationalities.