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David D. Li: China faces 3 challenges when participating in the global financial governance
2015-06-26 16:43


Shanghai, June 26- The two-day Lujiazui Forum 2015 kicked off this morning, and will continue to this Saturday, June 27, with the theme of “Financial Reform and Opening-up Under the New Normal”. David D. LI, Dean of Schwarzman Scholars at Tsinghua University gave a keynote speech at the 2nd plenary session. He thinks that China is faced up with three challenges when participating in the global financial governance.

“Big things are on the way,” said Li, China is beginning to realize that a larger role it will play in global financial governance. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the BRICS New Investment Bank based in Shanghai will uncover their veils this year, which will challenge and also stimulate the current global governance.“The three big challenges for China come from the aspect of talents, point of views and governance mechanism.”(Eastday/ Jiang Wenran)