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CEO of SGX: China's stock market has become the most popular place of IPO
2015-06-27 10:10

Magnus Bocker, CEO of SGX, is giving a keynote speech

Shanghai, June 26- Lujiazui Forum is being held this Friday in Shanghai. Magnus Bocker, Chief Executive Officer, Executive and Non-Independent Director from Singapore Exchange (SGX) gave a keynote speech during Reform Session II in the afternoon. He said that China’s stock market is very active this year, which has replaced the USA to become the most popular place of IPO.

“I’ve heard that Shanghai Stock Exchange is planning to set up strategic emerging sector, which will be a new platform to attract IPO from enterprises of different types,” said Bocker, it also accelerate hedge fund and PE in order to make entrepreneurs raise capital more conveniently and help their development. Besides, it helps further strengthen China's goal to improve the proportion of direct financing, which wins positive response from many China’s regulators.

“China's stock market is rising to record levels,” Bocker points out that market value of Shanghai and Shenzhen now has reached more than 10 trillion USD. (Eastday/Jiang Wenran)