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Going-abroad textbooks launched in 2015 Shanghai Book Fair
2015-08-19 22:37

News conference on British version of Shanghai renowed textbook "One Lesson, One Exercise" is held this afternoon.

Shanghai, Aug.19 –As an essential part of math teaching in Shanghai schools for two decades, the textbook called “Yi Ke Yi Lian” or “One Lesson, One Exercise” becomes an instant hot topic early this year as it is said to be published in Britain. Its publisher East China Normal University Press (ECNUP) held news conference to announce its British version’s come out during the 2015 Shanghai Book Fair.

“The name of the British version is The Shanghai Maths Project and the British version will have 11 volumes to maintain consistency with the country’s 11 educational grades from primary school to junior high school while the Shanghai version of ‘One Lesson, One Exercise’ has 23 volumes,” associate editor-in-chief of Textbook Department from the ECNUP Ni Ming introduced that they are now closely cooperating with HarperCollins Publishers on the British version and all the 11 volumes have been started.

Ni says the overall level of the books will not be lowered in order to keep the consistence with Shanghai maths-teaching characteristics. “But various adjustments are need due to the differences between curriculums and even the culture and the lifestyle of the two countries.” Ni took the currency used in the two versions as an example: yuan is used in the Shanghai version while pound and penny are used in the British version.

Reporter from Eastday.com learned the latest progress of the British version from the conference: Vol.1 has come out around Aug. 10, Vol.2 is planned to be published in the end of August in Britain and Vol. 3 and 4 in October. A book launch will be held at that time, jointly organized by the ECNUP and HarperCollins Publishers.

The ECNUP is also discussing copyright trade of this series of textbooks with other countries currently, according to Wang Yan, chairman of the publisher.

The copyright trade with British publishers is not only an important achievement of the Shanghai press and publication industry’s going-out, but also a wonderful appearance of Chinese culture and education on the international stage, said Wu Youzhang, director of Foreign Exchange& Cooperation Division of Shanghai Press and Publication Administration.

With the theme of “I love reading and life”, 2015 Shanghai Book Fair opens at Shanghai Exhibition Center on Aug. 19, and will lasts to Aug. 25. International elements of this year’s book fair increase a lot.

As an important activity for communications between Chinese& foreign writers as well as Chinese& world literature, the Shanghai International Literary Week is held during Aug. 18- 24. Writers and scholars from diverse cultural background from the US, Britain, Germany, Australia, Austria, Japan, South Korea and other countries participate in the various cultural activities in the coming days. (Eastday/ Jiang Wenran)