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Multidisciplinary symposium marks 100th anniversary of New Culture Movement in Shanghai
2015-09-13 12:01

Sponsored by Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations, a symposium titled with "Multidisciplinary Perspective: New Culture Movement and Traditional Culture" was held in Shanghai on Sept. 10, 2015, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the New Culture Movement.

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Experts and scholars from Shanghai Yanhuang Culture Research Association, Philosophy Association, History Association, Folk Culture Association and Ethics Association wrote papers, discussing the relationship between the movement and the traditional Chinese culture from different angles. At the symposium, 10 of them gave speeches on the subject and Secretary-general of History Association Zhang Qing made a summary statement.

The experts think that we should look back upon the significant movement with far-reaching influence 100 years ago with a dialectical view - the pioneers not only fiercely criticized the feudal culture, but they did not totally negate the traditional culture as well. They advocated recognizing and inheriting the fine tradition with scientific spirit.

Shen Guoming, Party Secretary and Vice President of Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations attended the symposium and delivered a speech. Yang Yiping, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Yanhuang Culture Research Association hosted the symposium.

Shen Guoming also revealed at the symposium that the construction of the new Shanghai Social Sciences Hall had been approved and the new landmark building would be located in Huamu area in Pudong.


The New Culture Movement started in 1915. Scholars like Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao, Lu Xun and Hu Shih had classical educations but began to lead a revolt against Confucianism. They called for the creation of a new Chinese culture based on global and western standards, especially democracy and science. The New Youth journal is one of the representative works during the movement.

By Wang Jiaye