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40 MNC Best Innovative Practice cases selected in Shanghai’s drive to promote innovation
2015-09-21 12:04

A total of 40 best innovative practice cases have been selected through online voting under the “Innovation and Development: Multinational companies in Shanghai” campaign as the city taps international expertise in its drive to become an innovation center with global influence.

The winners are chosen among 79 participating cases from multinational companies that have strong innovative presence in Shanghai. A total of more than 5.72 million votes were cast through the online and mobile platforms of the organizers, Shanghai Daily and Eastday.com between August 17 and September 16. The campaign is supported by the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality and the Shanghai Commission of Commerce.

The winning cases cover four areas, including policy, local cooperation, talent and community. A second round of evaluation, which will invite a judge panel to review all these 40 cases, will select the top 12 innovative practice cases, which are able to best represent Shanghai’s efforts and advantages in pushing ahead its ambition on innovation.

The final results will be announced at a summit to be held on October 22, which will honor all the winners and launch discussions on how the city moves ahead with its ambitious innovation plan.

Source:Shanghai Daily