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[Video]Consul General of South Africa in Shanghai: We expect to see more progress in Year of China in S.A.
2015-03-04 18:10

Hello everyone!My name is Esrom Thabo Thage, South African Consul General here in Shanghai. This is a very important year, the year of the Sheep. I'm glad to take this opportunity to wish my Chinese friends prosperity, good health and happiness in this important year. As you know, the year of the Sheep is all about harmonious co-existence, is about tranquility, and is about caring. I'm happy to be here and to wish you all of best in this New Year.


The relations between South Africa and China continue to grow year after year, during this important year of the Sheep, we are going to see a lot of progress, particularly in terms of the fact that this year also marks the Year of China in South Africa. We expect to see a lot of Chinese people traveling to South Africa to make new friends and establish business relations. During this year we are also expecting to see the BRICS Bank coming into full force. We are also expecting to see a lot of progress in the Free Trade Zone here in Shanghai. So we can only look forward to a year of prosperity indeed.


Shanghainese are very nice and very welcoming. Thank you!



Cameraman: Zhou Zhi

Editor: Peng Ao and Wang Jiaye


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