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[Video]Consul General of New Zealand shares her stories in Shanghai and offers New Year wishes
2015-03-05 17:22

Hello! I'm Guergana Guermanoff, Consul General of New Zealand in Shanghai. I wish you all the best in the Year of the Sheep. I look forward to seeing more Chinese people coming to New Zealand, the country of the Sheep, for travelling, studying and doing business.


I'm very happy and very privileged to be living and working in Shanghai. I have been coming to Shanghai since the 1990s and I remember when Pudong was flat field. But this is the first time for me to represent New Zealand here and I'm very happy to have this opportunity.


Shanghai is a world famous city. My family and I have been exploring parks and we have been looking for favorite Xiaolong restaurants. We already know a lot of memories in Shanghai we have to do with food because the food here in Shanghai is so varied and so delicious.


Shanghai is of course a famous cultural center; it is also very famous for its fashion. I'm really looking forward to exploring Shanghai's designer shops and getting to know the young fashion designers in Shanghai.


Of course, Shanghai's architecture is absolutely beautiful. The very modern skyscrapers, combined with a lot of historical art deco and traditional Shanghainese-style housing make the city look very unique.


But, of course, in any city, the most important and unique feature is the Shanghainese people. As my family and I have being touring in Shanghai we have been very touched by the helpful and welcoming native Shanghainese people. Every morning when I come to work, I catch the metro, the security guard of the metro station greets me by saying "Good morning" in English and gives me a very happy wave, and that makes my day.


New Zealand and Shanghai have very long and friendly relationship. Shanghai's sister city in New Zealand is Dunedin. And in Dunedin we have a Shanghai-style garden which is based on Yuyuan Garden. Big New Zealand corporates are based here in Shanghai like New Zealand kiwifruit company Zespri and also the dairy giant Fonterra. A big number of Chinese students who come to New Zealand also come from Shanghai, as do a lot of tourists. So I hope in the Year of the Sheep, "Yang Nian" (the Year of the Sheep in Chinese), the friendship and the good relationship between New Zealand and Shanghai gets to be even more prosperous. Thank you!



Cameraman: Zhou Zhi

Editor: Peng Ao and Wang Jiaye


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