Shanghai, one of the most attractive cities of China, is a melting pot with all-embracing tolerance of cultures and a fascinating metropolis blending dynamic fashion and graceful nostalgia.

  Travel in Shanghai, you can experience the elegance of old Shanghai by roaming along the Bund, feel the dynamic fashion by shopping in the Nanjing Road, as well as enjoy the romantic mood in mixed style of Shanghai and the west by seating in the Xintiandi. You can experience the folk atmosphere of bustling ancient town in Yu Garden as well as enjoy a bird’s eye view of modern Shanghai from the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. You can review the yesterday of Shanghai in Shanghai Museum as well as preview its tomorrow in Shanghai City-Planning Exhibition Hall. You can feel the magic power of science in the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum as well as experience the charm of arts in Shanghai Grand Theatre.

4 day Shanghai Memories Tour


China’s commercial capital is a bustling the center of activity but has so much history, culture and mystique.

3 day Shanghai Impression Tour


Shanghai is an intoxicating blend of ancient culture and an ultra modern mega city. It will give you a deep impression of the China tour.

3 day Essence of Shanghai Tour A


Shanghai is an intoxicating blend of ancient culture and an ultra modern mega city.

3 day Essence of Shanghai Tour B


Shanghai is an intoxicating blend of ancient culture and a ultra modern mega city.

Qibao Ancient Town


Qibao, located in the hub of Minhang District, Shanghai, is a town with a history of one thousand years.

Jinshan Village of Farmer Painting


Villagers make good use of ancient feature folk arts such as printing, embroidery, murals in their paintings, take aried folk customs.
Museum & Building
One of the best Shanghai travel deals is to visit museums, here is some choice for your reference.
Shanghai has many fabulous buildings, but it is not easy to have the opportunity to peek inside them. Churches however can be a different story.
Shikumen is a cultural blend of the elements found in Western architecture with traditional Lower Yangtze Chinese architecture and social behavior.
The west side of the Bund is a museum of international architecture with various buildings of different architectural styles including Gothic, Baroque...
This fascinating city also boasts so many of symbolic architecture and landmark buildings in modern design.
There are plenty of historical and  fabulous buildings in Shanghai, which would impress you a lot.
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