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Elderly people have a ball of a time in new viral video
From:ChinaDaily  |  2021-10-20 13:45

A video of senior citizens in wheelchairs doing camping has gone viral online after it was released last week on Oct 12.

Titled Dancers in Wheelchairs, the video featured several seniors who reside in the Shanghai Yangpu Community Nursing Home.

Accompanied by nursing workers, these seniors with an average age of 91 years were playing frisbee with dogs, singing, and dancing around their white tent and picnic mat in the yard.

With the song New Boy as the background music, the video was produced through a collaboration between the nursing home and a film production team.

According to Huang Rongyan, deputy director of the Shanghai Yangpu Community Nursing Home, the aim of the video is to break the stereotype that sitting in a wheelchair means losing vitality and life. Huang noted that the number of elderly at the home who require wheelchair assistance is increasing.

"In fact, they enjoy music and dancing very much," Huang said. "Through caring for these seniors, we have found that the healing effect of music is very obvious. This is why we came up with the idea of making elderly people in wheelchairs the protagonist of this video."