Different kinds of Zongzi across China
Source:english.eastday.com | 2015-06-20 15:37


The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival is annually marked on the fifth day of the fifth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, which falls June 20 this year. On the occasion, people have the custom of eating Zongzi - glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. It is interesting that Zongzi vary in shape and taste in different regions, let's have a look!

Beijing style 北京派

Beijing Zongzi, representatives of northern Zongzi, are mostly made with jujube or red bean paste.

Guangdong style 广东派

Compared with Beijing Zongzi, Guangdong Zongzi are smaller in size. Winter leaves wrapping glutinous rice, mung bean, egg yolk, mushrooms, peanuts, pork and lotus seed is the traditional practice of steamed Zongzi.

Sichuan style 四川派

Spicy Zongzi is one of the well-known snacks spreading for thousands of years in Sichuan.

Suzhou style 苏州派

In Suzhou, Zongzi has many varieties of stuffing such as fresh pork, jujube paste and red bean paste. A piece of fat pork is usually added to make Zongzi more aromatic and lubricated.

Shandong style 山东派

Shandong Zongzi use glutinous millet and red jujube as stuffing.

Miluo style 汨罗派

Hunan's Miluo is said to be the birthplace of Zongzi. And Miluo Zongzi are famous for the quantity of flavor and quality of production.

Jiaxing style 嘉兴派

Long-established Zhejiang's Jiaxing Zongzi are well-known throughout the country. They have many kinds of flavors with stuffing like fresh pork, red bean paste, "eight treasures" and chicken.

Hainan style 海南派

Square cone-shaped Hainan Zongzi are wrapped in banana leaves, using glutinous rice, barbecued pork, bacon, salted egg yolk and braised chicken wings as stuffing.

Minnan style 闽南派

Burning meat Zongzi and Alkali Zongzi from Xiamen and Quanzhou are well known at home and abroad.

Xi'an style 西安派

Xi'an Zongzi made with cool glutinous rice and honey, is a kind of summer food.

Yunnan style 云南派

Yunnan square Zongzi made with glutinous rice, pork and mung bean wrapped in banana or lotus leaves have simple and elegant Southeast Asian style.

Editor: Wang Jiaye