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Typhoon Bilis leaves Philippines after killing at least 14
14/7/2006 17:13

Typhoon Bilis, locally called Florita, left the Philippines today after killing at least 14 people and leaving behind widespread debris.
Fourteen people, including six children, were killed, 15 others were wounded and seven others missing, Cvil Defense administrator Glenn Rabonza told Xinhua.
Weather condition stabilized in Metro Manila area Friday after the city was hit by heavy rains and gusty wind for the most part of this week.
Most of the fatalities -- from the worst-affected areas of Ilocos region, Central Luzon, Cordillera Administrative Region, Southern Tagalog and National Capital Region of Metro Manila died of landslides and drowning.
The typhoon affected around 9,581 families with 51,680 persons. Around 60 families or 320 persons are presently housed in evacuation centers, Rabonza said, adding that relief workers, National Disaster Coordinating Council and concerned local government units have already extended at least 320 million pesos (US$6.15 million) in relief assistance to the affected families.
The typhoon also destroyed at least 45 million pesos worth of infrastructure projects and agriculture products, he added.