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Sweden warns against possibility of becoming terrorism hotbed
7/8/2007 15:55

Sweden might have become a new base from which terrorist groups recruit new members, warned the Swedish Security Agency (SAPO).
Over 20 terror suspects with Swedish passports have been arrested since 2001, though only a few of them have served prison terms, said a report on the Monday edition of Svenska Dagbladet, or the Swedish Daily newspaper.
It was probable that Sweden had been used by terrorist groups as a fresh base to draw new members and amass funds for attacks, said SAPO.
Two Swedish citizens were sentenced to jail terms for collecting funds for the Iraqi terrorist cartel Ansar al-Islam in 2005, it said.
Many of the Swedish suspects are immigrants and statistics show the country saw an inflow of 86,000 immigrants in 2006 alone. Local media say these people are liable to be persuaded to join terrorist cells when they go back to their home countries to visit families or for other purposes.