New Year Wishes 2017 from Brazil    Date:2017-01-26


Hand-written New Year wishes from Ms Ana Candida Perez, Consul-General of Brazil in Shanghai.


Photo of the staff of the Consulate General of Brazil in Shanghai

  "We have only one Planet Earth, and our health, well-being and happiness depend on how we treat our Earth. So we should take care of our Earth so that we all will have good health and well-being.

  This year there will be another summit of BRICS countries,(Brazil is one member of BRICS, of course), and China will be hosting the BRICS Summit. So it is a very important event. We also expect several Brazilian delegations, both private businesses and officials of the government to come to China. There is an event organized by the government of Brazil for investors in May, because we want many important Chinese investors to be partners in the development of Brazil.

  The Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (SPAFFC) is a very valuable partner in cultural and educational initiatives of the Consulate-General of Brazil. We wish to continue having their support for the development of cultural relations between Brazil and China".