As the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta is in full swing, the Consul Generals in Shanghai sat down with Eastday reporters and shared their insights into how the Delta region should go forward.

A very bright future between Greece and the Yangtze Delta

By:Wu Qiong

Greece is a relatively medium-sized economy in Europe, but its relations with China are a model for peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation between countries. In recent years, in the Yangtze River Delta region, which accounts for 20% of China's GDP, many Greek companies have invested in projects or established trade cooperation. As the Consul General of Greece in Shanghai Vassilios Koniakos said, “We see it [the Yangtze River Delta region] very much as a priority area for investments and an opportunity for win-win cooperation.” In his opinion, the area where Greece has an advantage in the Delta is shipping.

Since the 1990s, Greek shipowners have maintained close cooperation with Chinese shipyards, according to Mr. Vassilios Koniakos. He also expects to see more involvement of Greek manufacturers of ship components in the Chinese shipping industry, and the heart of Chinese shipping industry is in the Yangtze River Delta. “I think there is a very bright future in this cooperation.”


在欧洲,希腊无疑是一个体量相对中型的经济体,但希腊与中国的关系,已成为不同国家间和平相处、合作共赢的典范。近年来,在占全中国20%GDP的长三角地区,更有不少希腊企业在此投资立项,或建立贸易合作。正如希腊驻沪总领事孔尼舸(Vassilios Koniakos)所说:“长三角是希腊对华投资、寻求合作共赢的首选地。”而希腊参与长三角地区发展的优势领域,在他看来,就是航运。



Consul Generals' New Year Greetings

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