Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai delivers New Year speech    Date:2016-02-05

瑞士驻上海总领事 霍力轩

Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai

Alexander Hoffet

Shanghai is certainly at the forefront of innovation in China, and Switzerland is one of the world’s leading countries in the innovation as conferred many international rankings. So I believe that Switzerland has a lot to offer to China and to Shanghai in particular in terms of innovation. For example, the Swiss have strong comparative advantages in energy-efficient, sustainable eco-friendly technologies.


Coming to more concrete government-support programs in 2016, I'd like to mention the following two specific initiatives; one is the "Sino-Swiss Low Carbon Cities" project which was recently launched to mitigate the phenomenon of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emission in Chinese urban areas. And Shanghai is one of 10 Chinese cities which have been selected for implementation of the project.


Another joint project is "Lift China" - Lift Conferences has been well known in Europe for many years as a network for sharing information, scientific and technological innovation. Thanks to Swiss government funds, support of official Swiss government agencies, it has been possible since 2014 to organize such conferences in China, in Shanghai in particular we continue to do so in 2016 as well.

另一个联合项目是“Lift China”,Lift Conferences作为一个共享信息、科学技术创新的活动平台,在欧洲广为人知已有多年。好在有瑞士政府的资金和瑞士政府机构的支持,使其自2014年起在中国、特别是在上海举办这样的会议,2016年我们也将继续开展活动。

Switzerland is among the founding members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Both the Swiss Government and private companies are following closely the implementation of this initiative and looking for possible joint investment projects which are emerging thanks to the "Belt and Road Initiative".


Shanghai is a very dynamic, vibrant and cosmopolitan city. I think thanks to the fact that it has been open to the world for so long, and its inhabitants' forward-looking and can-do mentality, it's a very exciting place to live and work. Moreover, I'm really impressed how well-managed Shanghai is in terms of infrastructure and public security considering how huge this city is.


I also hope – and am very optimistic - that Shanghai will further consolidate its international role as a dynamic, tolerant, diverse metropolis which offers a lot of possibilities to its citizens.


Happy New Year 新年快乐!