Consul General of South Africa in Shanghai delivers New Year speech    Date:2016-02-05

南非驻上海总领事 陶博闻

Esrom Thabo Thage

Consul General of South Africa in Shanghai

To all our Chinese friends, I'd like to say, 猴年行大运 All the best in the New Year and may it be a wonderful year filled with happiness, prosperity and good health.


I feel Shanghai is a dynamic and welcoming city, a very cosmopolitan city; it's a city where you meet a number of people coming from across the world, starting with our good hosts the Shanghai people, across China, people from Beijing, in the north and everywhere is all year to welcome us. We have very good relations with the host Foreign Affairs Office and a number of other commissions in Shanghai.


"One Belt and One Road" initiative from one of the leading countries of the South- this is a ground-breaking initiative that connects China and the rest of Asia, Europe and African continent. As South Africa we welcome this initiative because it opens a lot of opportunities, it's about connectivity, connectivity in terms of rail, connectivity in terms of road, connectivity in terms of sea.


For South Africa and African continent, it's even more required because we have a lot of opportunities and challenges as regards infrastructural development.


Shanghai is a city that is renowned for cutting-edge technology, leading trade and shipping hub. It's among leading cities of the world. We look to a city such as Shanghai in terms of cooperation in ICT, trade and investment. I know for a fact that the ease of access of Wi-Fi in an important city such as Shanghai is something that other cities are looking up to improve communication within and between its citizens. So we are looking at cooperating with Shanghai in terms of ICT, in terms of broad band roll-out, as that will lead to increase the access to Wi-Fi technology in countries such as South Africa, in leading cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. So for us, cooperation with Shanghai in this space and beyond is a welcoming opportunity.