Consul General of Thailand in Shanghai delivers New Year speech    Date:2016-02-05

泰王国驻上海总领事 巴丽彩

Parichat Luepaiboolphan

Consul General of Thailand in Shanghai


Hello, Happy Monkey Year!

I am very lucky to be posted in Shanghai. I love to live here. Not many cities in the world surpass Shanghai as a perfect city to visit, to work, to live and to enjoy life. I love Shanghai.


Firstly I'd like to congratulate the people in Shanghai that in the year 2020 they will enjoy the new face of Shanghai as a full smart city and global innovative center.


Thailand can learn a lot from Shanghai's strategy as we are going along the same path with a high potential of innovative economy.


This year Thailand we will again be a part of Shanghai's big events, namely, Shanghai International Film Festival, Shanghai International Fashion Week and China International Cartoon and Games Expo or CCG Expo.


I would rather say that not only Thailand but both China and Thailand would enjoy the benefits from "One Belt One Road" and from our mutual existing strengths.


"One Belt One Road" and ASEAN connectivity plans involve much physical infrastructure development which will bring both sides closer and easier by car, by railways, by sea and by air.


This will stimulate economic growth in all other social and cultural cooperation including people-to-people relations.