Consul General of Germany in Shanghai delivers New Year speech    Date:2016-02-05

德国驻上海总领事 罗腾

Peter Rothen

Consul General of Germany in Shanghai

你好!My name is Peter Rothen. I'm the German Consul General for Shanghai and Yangtze Delta. I would like to wish to all viewers very good New Year of the Monkey. I'm excited to be able to experience this New Year here to gather with you in Shanghai. I'm sure it's going to be an exciting and dynamic year.


I've been in Shanghai only for a big more than one year. But it is so good and so exciting that I feel as if I had been here already for many years. And I love it and I hope to stay for many more years to come.


Germany is very excited that Shanghai is now also putting much emphasis on promoting innovation because Germany is a very innovative country. And I think with a new emphasis in Shanghai on innovation we are ideal partners, also in that new and exciting field. So Germany wants to cooperate with China, with Shanghai in innovation matters. It is already happening. There are a large number of German companies who have already moved their research and development departments here to Shanghai, and there will be more. So we will be able to cooperate in this very exciting and important area.


The "One Belt and One Road" initiative as you know, stretch is out around the globe and will touch many countries, starting in China and going all the way west. Germany is more and less in the end of the new Silk Road. We will be there as partners for China as we have already been. And we hope to be able to develop Silk Road together with China and to increase our trade and our contacts, even more with the new road.


I know a number of great German orchestras will be coming to Shanghai this year. I will do my best to promote these concerts and to bring Chinese people, Shanghai audiences to these concerts. I hope there will also be some other concerts, Jazz concerts, rock concerts may be. So, we here in the consulate we have brought some musicians here. Last year we have brought very good German Jazz band here which performed in the Shanghai International Jazz Festival. So I hope we will be able to continue this and to see many of you at these concerts.