Consul General of Brazil in Shanghai delivers New Year speech    Date:2016-02-05

巴西驻上海总领事 安娜

Ana Candida Perez

Consul General of Brazil in Shanghai

Happy 2016 to all Eastday readers!


This is the fourth time I celebrate the Chinese New Year in Shanghai. In 2016 the new Shanghai Tower will be a main attraction with its lightning show.  The contrast between the futuristic skyline of Lujiazui and the Art Deco architecture of the Bund makes Shanghai unique.


Shanghai hosted the World Congress on Art Deco in 2015 and is presently doing a very good job in the restoration of its heritage architecture. My home city, Rio de Janeiro, also has Art Deco heritage and could profit from Shanghai's experience about preservation and restoration. On the other hand, Rio has a special charm because it is a city where one can feel closer to nature, with the mountains and the beaches within easy reach.


I expect that the measures that are being put in place by the Shanghai government will reduce the air pollution. I praise the public transportation in Shanghai and the expansion of the metro, which is one of the best in the world. In big cities, the use of private cars should be discouraged, not only due to health concerns with the air quality but also because everybody is penalized with traffic congestion.


In 2016 Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympic (5-12 August) and Paralympic Games (7-18 September). The Consulate will focus on helping Chinese delegations, supporters and media to go to Rio. We have recently opened the Brazil Visa Application Center in Shanghai (4F, Jiushi Commercial Building, 213 Middle Sichuan Road, Huangpu district) to make the visa application procedure easier. All information about visas for Brazil is at

2016年,里约热内卢将于8月5日到12日举办奥运会,9月7日到18日举办残奥会。巴西领馆届时将协助中国代表团、工作人员,以及媒体前往里约。为了使签证申请流程更为方便,我们最近在上海开设了巴西签证申请中心。地址是:上海市黄浦区四川中路213号久事商务大厦4楼。更多签证信息,可登录 查询。