Consul General of the Netherlands in Shanghai delivers New Year speech    Date:2016-02-05

荷兰驻上海总领事 艾晓安

Anneke Adema

Consul General of the Netherlands in Shanghai

My wish for the New Year for the year 2016 is that I wish you all a very healthy and prosperous 2016. The Year of the Monkey and we are here at the Consulate. We are really looking forward to it.


I have one very general and strong message when we talk about innovation. Innovation is a very interesting area for cooperation between China, Shanghai and the Netherlands. It's interesting because we have a lot of expertise. But the best thing about cooperation in the area of the innovation is that we share many challenges. And by working in the area of innovation we can work together to contribute to better life for the new generation.


"One Belt One Road" is a very interesting initiative initiated by the Chinese government. Also related to the "One Belt One Road" initiative like in the area of innovation, we see a lot of possibilities for cooperation, cooperation between China, Shanghai and the Netherlands, cooperation in the area of trade generally speaking. Also we see a lot of room and space for strengthening trade relations and investments both from China to the Netherlands and from the Netherlands to China. So also the "One Belt One Road" we regard it as a highly interesting initiative, valuable for both of us.


I've lived now since one year and a half (ago) in Shanghai and I feel very privileged to live here. It's a highly dynamic city, there's a lot of energy. I really love and feel very privileged that I am able to work here.