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Micron says production impacted by virus outbreak in Xi'an
From:ChinaDaily  |  2022-01-07 14:48

The US chip giant Micron Technology Inc said its output of computer memory chips in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, is affected to some extent by the COVID-19 outbreak in the city, but it is working with the local government to minimize impact of the situation and maintain operations at the site safely.

The company said in a statement that employees and contractor's workforce at its Xi'an site have been affected, resulting in some impact to output levels of its DRAM assembly and test operations there.

DRAM, or dynamic random access memory chips, are flash memory chips used in smartphones, personal computers and servers. Micron has a chip packaging and testing plant in Xi'an.

"We are working with suppliers operating in this region that face similar challenges. We are also working with local government officials to identify solutions that will enable us to minimize impact of the situation and maintain operations at the site safely. We are tapping our global supply chain, including our subcontractor partners, to help service our customers for these DRAM products," Micron said.

"We project that these efforts will allow us to meet most of our customer demand, however, there may be some near-term delays as we activate our network…We will continue to address the situation proactively and work closely with our customers, suppliers and logistics partners to ensure we minimize any impact to delivery schedules," Micron added.