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A special thanks to Shanghai Museum donors
From:ShanghaiDaily  |  2021-10-09 04:29

THE exhibition “Harvest from Generosity,” featuring 147 artifacts and heirlooms donated by individuals and families to the Shanghai Museum, is underway through December 26.

Founded in 1949, the Shanghai Museum is one of the best ancient art museums in China. As of the end of 2020, the museum had a collection of more than 1 million items. Among them, more than 88,000 were donated, including 33,000 precious cultural relics.

About 800 people and more than 120 institutions have made over 1,200 donations to the museum.

“We wanted to express our profound respect and gratitude to those who have given unfailing support to the growth of the Shanghai Museum.

“And of course, also to those who created, inherited and protected the treasures of China,” said Yang Zhigang, director of the museum.

The antiques showcased in the exhibition vary from ancient bronze, pottery, ink-wash paintings and coins to sculptures and stamps.

One of the highlights is a handscroll from “The Book of Songs” by Ma Hezhi (c. 1131-62), donated to the museum by brothers Hu Juewen (1895-1989) and Hu Shuchang (1907-1986) in 1965.

Well maintained for almost half a century, this handscroll on rice paper still reflects every tiny brushstroke of the painter.

Another highlight is a group of bronze food vessels from the early Western Zhou Dynasty (11th century BC-771 BC), donated by Pan Dayu (1906-2007). Pan is one of the most important donors to the museum, as “Da Yu Ding” and “Da Ke Ding” which she donated in 1951, are considered “the greatest treasures of Shanghai Museum.”

Dates: Through December 26 (closed on Mondays), 9am-5pm

Venue: Shanghai Museum

Address: 201 People’s Avenue