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Cultural confidence
From:ChinaDaily  |  2022-07-05 10:06

President's visit reinforces the resolve of Heshun villagers to preserve traditions and face the future as they embrace a rural vitalization drive, Yang Feiyue in Beijing and Li Yingqing in Kunming report.

A special guest has set Cun Maohong's determination to continue carrying on the cultural cause he has been pursuing for decades.

In January 2020, President Xi Jinping visited the old town of Heshun, Baoshan city of Southwest China's Yunnan province. Cun accompanied the president as a guide during his visit.

"It was the biggest honor of my life," Cun says.

The 67-year-old was impressed by Xi's concerns about the Heshun ancient town, a gateway to the ancient southern Silk Road that linked China's Sichuan and Yunnan provinces with Myanmar and India. During his trip, Xi learned about the historical and cultural inheritance, as well as ecological and environmental protection along the trade route.

"Through our talk, President Xi showed his care about cultural relics, ecology, history and cultural protection in the ancient town, and urged us to take good care of it," Cun says.

Cun has turned his courtyard into a homestay featuring an abundance of cultural elements for the increasing number of guests who beat a path to his door.

In particular, he has received many overseas Chinese expatriate visitors to Heshun during traditional holidays over the years, including for Spring and Qingming festivals.

Cun has arranged various cultural events for travelers to better understand Heshun.

"Heshun people have always carried on the tradition of engaging in cultural practices and have been good at it," he says.

"We have paid the most attention to cultural inheritance," he says.