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Documentary reveals the stories behind the science
From:ChinaDaily  |  2022-09-16 07:57

From deep sea to deep space, China is at the vanguard of human exploration. From reinventing food production to tackling the infirmities of old age, China is leading the way. Last year, a five-episode documentary, Future Fantastic: China's Science Revolution, highlighting innovative achievements by dozens of top Chinese scientists, was released.

Yet, the storytelling has not finished, as the launch ceremony of Space Time Capsule, the second season of the documentary series, was held on Friday in Beijing.

The three-episode show is helmed by British director Michael Lachmann who specializes in science and history. His 2019 feature documentary Einstein and Hawking: Unlocking the Universe was nominated for an Emmy.

"In the past decade, China has become one of the major contributors to scientific technological progress in the world," Lachmann says, adding that he aims to use the documentary to record the stories of Chinese scientists in their exploration of the unknown.

Lachmann says that he is impressed by their courageous exploration, selfless dedication and hard work in pursuing their dreams, noting that their research into physics, space exploration, new energy and artificial intelligence will profoundly change human society and play an important role in the sustainable development of mankind.

In the second series, the audience will get, for the first time, to peek behind the curtain and get unprecedented and fascinating insights into the world of these scientists and their interstellar ambitions.

According to Lachmann, the second season will collect stories which provide an "incredible" overview of the blueprints of humanity through the exploration of some of the latest scientific and technological advancements in China.

Top Chinese scientists and international experts will present to the audience unique perspectives and a deeper understanding of what these scientific revelations mean for the world.

Lu Cairong, vice-president of China International Communications Group, says that the documentary will present a feast of footage which demonstrates China's scientific and technological innovation and development.

The first season was directed by British science writer and filmmaker Christopher Riley, and was broadcast on international channels including Discovery Channel, Nature and distributed by Films Media Group, reaching over 40 countries and regions worldwide.

According to Wang Xiuquan, deputy director at the Bureau of Science Communication, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the first season interviewed many top Chinese scientists. These included Ouyang Ziyuan, chief scientist for China's lunar exploration project, and Chinese Academy of Sciences academicians Pan Jianwei and Wang Yifang. It gained renown both domestically and internationally.

"I hope more international directors can come to China to record the stories of Chinese scientists, with their unique perspectives and technical methods," Wang Xiuquan says.

The second season of the documentary is set to be broadcast by mainstream media and new media platforms both at home and abroad in 2023.