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Reporters visit Qingpu New City for establishment of five "new cities"
By:Zhao Chunyuan  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2021-04-29 17:30

On April 28, a press briefing and media salon on Shanghai's five "new cities" was held at Qingxi Park in Qingpu district of Shanghai. More than ten Chinese and foreign media reporters gathered here to listen to three experts explaining the important impact of the five "new cities" on three key areas: Shanghai's economic growth and future development of the city; the integration strategy of the Yangtze River Delta; and the service of the domestic and international double cycle.

(Qingxi Park)

How should the next phase of development and construction of the five "new cities" be launched? Tang Zilai, counsellor of the Shanghai Municipal Government and professor of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University, gave his thoughts and suggestions on the above issue. He believes that the core of the new city's development is a higher value segment of industry from general manufacturing to intellectual property manufacturing, and finally focusing on both advanced manufacturing and science and technology R&D. In addition, he also pointed out that in the era of the knowledge-based economy, high-end talents are the core resource of city competitiveness. Cities must attract high-end talents in order to attract high-end enterprises, because high-end enterprises follow high-end talents.

Wu Jiang, a professor at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University and former executive vice president of Tongji University, pointed out in his speech titled "people-oriented new city construction" that in order to become a desirable city, a new city must embody the concept of “Better City, Better Life”. This concept entails ensuring every person in the city has a strong sense of happiness. Such a sense of happiness should be obtained not only through the main core public service functions, but also through the convenience of daily life. As one of the most important measures to enhance the competitiveness of the city, the "15-minute community life circle" should be accelerated in the new city to achieve more convenient public transportation and more convenient daily services than in the central city of Shanghai.

At the second stop for a group interview, Chinese and foreign media reporters visited the HIT Artificial Intelligence Park to explore the industrial code of the “Yangtze River Delta ecological green integrated development demonstration zone”. HIT Artificial Intelligence Park settled in Qingpu district in 2016, which is a gathering platform for all-factor service enterprises with the merging of knowledge, information, capital and market. Since its establishment, dozens of artificial intelligence enterprises have settled in the park, covering many high-tech frontier fields such as robotics, drones and laser communication, which has become a major brand under which Qingpu is building a central science and innovation center.

The picture above right (where "TO" is located) shows the exact border between Shanghai and Jiangsu province

At the third stop, Chinese and foreign media reporters visited the Yuandang Lake Footbridge located at the junction of Qingpu district of Shanghai and Wujiang district of Suzhou, to see the city ecological protection at small scale. From the construction to the completion, the Yuandang Footbridge project only took 84 days. Yuandang Lake is one of the important transboundary water bodies in the "Yangtze River Delta ecological green integrated development demonstration zone”. The ecological shoreline breakthrough construction in Yuandang Lake includes the Yuandang water environment treatment, water ecology restoration and water landscape reshaping, providing a good place for people to relax.