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Delighted by the opening of Shanghai Express, Port of Hamburg presents business at CIIE
By:Wu Qiong  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2021-11-10 11:15

Not long ago, a special train of the “Shanghai Express”, Shanghai's first China-Europe freight train, returned to Shanghai with 460 tons of CIIE goods. The latest update is that eight trains are expected to operate along the route per month starting from next year, thus providing a new logistics option for the already tight global supply chain.

Pan Hua, chief representative of the Hamburg Liaison Office China, is delighted about the operation of the “Shanghai Express”, as its destination is the Port of Hamburg, an important hub of China-Europe freight trains. “There is no direct air flight between Shanghai and Hamburg. Now, the opening of the Shanghai Express has served as a new connection between the two cities,” said Pan. 

(An aerial view of the Port of Hamburg)

(Pan Hua, chief representative of Hamburg Liaison Office China)

Representing the Port of Hamburg, Pan has participated in the CIIE for four consecutive years. Speaking of the reason, she said bluntly, “we are here to collect goods.” As she explained, the Port of Hamburg is the largest port in Germany. With the most complete railway network in Europe, it is also the largest railway port in Europe. As Europe’s No.1 sea-railway inter-modal port, it plays a crucial role in the entire supply chain of China-Europe logistics. One out of every three containers loaded and unloaded via the Port of Hamburg is from or will be shipped to China. The opening of Shanghai Express not only brings Hamburg and Shanghai closer, but is also an important addition to German-Chinese trade routes.

“Especially after the epidemic outbreak, many shipping schedules are difficult to determine, and shipping time is also prolonged. For many customers who need goods to arrive quickly, the Shanghai Express offers a new logistics channel,” added Pan.

(The Port of Hamburg showcased at CIIE)  

“Through the Shanghai Express, dairy products for CIIE were shipped to Shanghai in 22 days, compared with more than a month if shipped by sea,” said Wu Tuzi, deputy general manager of the train's operating company. The time of railway transportation is one-third that of sea transportation, and the price is two-thirds that of air transportation.

The “Shanghai Express” will mainly serve the CIIE and solve the logistics difficulties for corporate customers, especially to provide logistics solutions for Shanghai and surrounding enterprises in the process of going global, according to Wu. What’s more, the company will run China-Russia freight trains and China-Asia freight trains in the future.