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Ohararyu Ikebana show in Shanghai takes visitors into world of flowers
By:Zhao Chunyuan  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2021-11-16 10:50


From November 13th to 15th, co-hosted by the Jade Buddha Temple and Ohararyu Shanghai Oriental Branch, the Ohararyu Ikebana show is a feast of flowers supported by the Shanghai Juequn Academy of Classical Education. The Ikebana show features the colors of autumn and flowers are used by the creators as their language to express their thoughts and communicate with the spectators.




Just like painters create immortal pieces with their brushes, Ikebana artists use nature’s palette to express themselves. Inspired by emotions, Ikebana shows how flower arrangements can pull at the heartstrings and evoke emotions that are recognizable for everyone. As one of the three major schools of Japanese flower arrangement, Ohararyu Ikebana features the concept of "understanding and expressing nature", and wide-mouth vessels are often used to create a feeling that the flowers can stretch out into full blossom as they do in nature.


  Works by Tan Qifang, president of the Shanghai Oriental Branch of Ohararyu.


The Ohararyu Ikebana show is divided into three parts. Besides Ohararyu Ikebana works by teachers and students of the Shanghai Oriental Branch of Ohararyu and Shanghai Juequn Academy of Classical Education, there are also works created by top Ikebana teachers of other schools exhibited in the show.“The works are mainly created on the theme of colorful autumn, with the hope that our visitors can enjoy the 'warmth and beauty' of visiting the exhibition," said Tan Fangqi, president of the Shanghai Oriental Branch of Ohararyu."Under regular epidemic prevention and control, we have invited top Ikebana teachers of other schools to exhibit their works, so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of each school of flower arrangement," she added.


The Ikebana show has proved to be very popular with many citizens visiting on the first day of the show, which continues until Nov. 15.

Photos: the Jade Buddha Temple