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Tips for health: traditional exercises during Minor Heat
From:english.eastday.com  |  2022-07-07 11:13

Minor Heat marks the midsummer season in most parts of China. Plum rains come to an end in the south of the Yangtze River. There might be droughts in the south and floods in the north due to the high temperature.

Since summer belongs to fire and corresponds to the heart, people tend to feel restless in such hot weather, so we should protect heart Yang and keep calm. As the saying goes, a quiet mind keeps you cool.

The exercise of Minor Heat strengthens the Lung Meridian Sinew of Hand-Taiyin.

It starts from the thumb, goes through the armpit along the inner side of the arm and the elbow, extends above the collarbone, and ends at the chest and flank.

When inhaling, squat down slightly, lift both hands forward, step forward with one foot to make a lunge, then open your chest and extend arms back to stretch.

Turn your body back and retract the front foot as you exhale.

Repeat several times according to your own conditions.

People sweat a lot during the dog days, so it is necessary to clear summer heat and save energy to protect Yang.

(Video: Shanghai Qigong Research Institute)