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Tips for health: traditional exercises during Major Heat
From:english.eastday.com  |  2022-07-23 06:08

Major Heat is the last solar term in summer.It is the hottest period of the year with frequent thunderstorms and abundant rainfall. The lotus blooms regardless of the burning sun, and its fragrance is wafted far and wide.

Major Heat is a good time to treat winter diseases in summer. Moxibustion can quickly expel the cold and dampness and replenish the Yuan-primordial Qi of the human body, which is especially suitable for people with deficiency cold constitution or sub-healthy people."Sanfutie", which is to paste medicated patches on certain acupoints in dog days, can invigorate Yang, promote blood circulation, and dissipate cold.

The exercise of Major Heat strengthens the Lung Meridian Sinew of Hand-Taiyin.It starts from the thumb, goes through the armpit along the inner side of the arm and the elbow, extends above the collarbone, and ends at the chest and flank.

As you inhale, slightly draw back your chest, make fists and rotate your arms inward. Turn your head to touch one side of the shoulder with your jaw.As you exhale, relax your chest, and turn back your body.Repeat several times according to your own conditions.

To prevent heatstroke in such hot weather, we should reduce outdoor activities and avoid walking in the sun.

(Video: Shanghai Qigong Research Institute)