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Tips for health: traditional exercises during the Beginning of Autumn
From:english.eastday.com  |  2022-08-07 08:11

The Beginning of autumn is the first solar term in autumn.

Although it is the end of the dog days, heat still prevails afterwards in many parts of China, so the period of these hot days is called “Autumn Tiger”.

After the Beginning of Autumn, Yang-Qi starts to astringe and Yin-Qi is about to grow. We should eat food that tonifies spleen and stomach to make up for the consumption in summer and accumulate energy for autumn and winter.

The exercise of the Beginning of Autumn stretches the Foot-Shaoyang Meridian Sinew.

It starts from the fourth toe, connects to the outer ankle, goes up along the outer side of the leg, runs towards the neck through the flank, and distributes on the side of the head.

Breathe in, and open your arms.

Breathe out, close your arms, bend over and put your hands on knees.

Breathe in, open your body, straighten up, and open your arms to stretch.

Breathe out, relax and put down your hands.

Repeat several times depending on your own conditions.

The Beginning of Autumn marks a transition from hot to cool weather. We can take exercise to extend Lung-Qi and astringe Shen-Qi, which conforms to the health cultivation principles of autumn.