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Tips for health: traditional exercises during End of Heat
From:english.eastday.com  |  2022-08-23 12:43

End of heat literally means the end of summer heat.
Cicadas no longer chirp. The fragrance of osmanthus spreads far and wide. Middle-season rice is ripe for harvest.
According to Traditional Chinese medicine, autumn is associated with metal in the five elements and corresponds to lung in five zang organs, therefore, nourishing the lung is critical for preserving one’s health in autumn.
Autumn pathogenic dryness becomes the biggest threat to health, so we should eat food that nourishes Yin and moistens the lung.
Since it is still hot currently, we should avoid physically consuming activities when working out.
The exercise of End of Heat strengthens the Foot-Shaoyang Meridian Sinew.
It starts from the fourth toe, connects to the outer ankle, goes up along the outer side of the leg, runs towards the neck through the flank, and distributes on the side of the head.
When you breathe in, turn left and swing your arms.
When you breathe out, pat your left crotch with the right hand and hit your right crotch with the left fist.
Repeat this movement left and right from the crotch to the waist and abdomen and to the chest and back, then back again.
End of Heat remains in the transitional stage when Yang declines and Yin grows. The regimen should be adapted to these changes to ensure physiological balance.
(Video: Shanghai Qigong Research Institute)