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The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra's multimedia concert has struck a chord with foreign friends
From:english.eastday.com  |  2022-08-30 14:53

What do you think of Chinese folk music? After watching the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra's "Traditional Music Rises from the Sea Horizon" performance, it may subvert your imagination. On August 25, members of the Shanghai Foreigner Storytelling Club came to the Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall to enjoy a musical feast.

"I just want to see the show again"

This time,"Traditional Music Rises from the Sea Horizon" completely overturned the imagination of members of the Shanghai Foreigner Storytelling Club of Chinese folk music. The konghou, sheng, zhongruan, pipa, erhu and other instruments mesmerized the club members. Not only Chinese musical instruments, but also the Djembe, drum kit and even electric bass participated in the performance, which perfectly combined the different types of instruments and music and modernized the interpretation of Chinese classical instruments, changing the impression of traditional folk music. Under the combination of suona and electronic rock and roll, the atmosphere heated up instantly."Musicians put the suona together with rap-like music, and it's really shocking,” said Clarisse Le Guernic from France.

British film director Malcolm Clarke praised the performance.“We have seen these instruments in other Asian countries, including Japan and Vietnam. When I realized that these instruments were born in China a thousand years ago, I found it so interesting that so many things in the world started in China then,” he said.“I'm trying to figure out how to put this Chinese music into my film. I want to see the show again,” he added.

Modern interpretation of Chinese folk music

"I especially hope that ‘Traditional Music Rises from the Sea Horizon’ can become a way of life for everyone, rather than a distant existence," said Luo Xiaoci, director of the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra."In Chinese music culture, there is a lot of elegant and calm content, which modern people especially need."

"We are exploring how we can spread traditional art better. Through the efforts of the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, we have integrated the performance content with the equipment and facilities of the concert hall, and provided the audience with a perfect musical experience," said Fang Liang, general manager of Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall.