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Tips for health: traditional exercises during White Dew
From:english.eastday.com  |  2022-09-07 11:51

Green, green the reed, dew and frost gleam.
White Dew represents the beginning of mid-autumn. It reflects the growth of coldness.
Wild geese and swallows fly to the south. The temperature difference gets bigger between day and night, so vapors in the air condense into white dew on the grass and trees.
Yang-Qi declines and Yin-Qi grows in nature. We should astringe sweating and secure the exterior, tonify the lung and benefit the spleen, in order to protect Yang-Qi of the body.
The exercise of White Dew strengthens the Foot-Yangming Meridian Sinew.
It originates from the second, third and fourth toes, connects to the dorsum of feet, goes up along the outer front of the legs, passes through the abdomen, chest, and neck, and distributes upward to the side of the mouth and nose.
When you inhale, make fists with the thumb under the other four fingers, press both sides of the pelvis. Move your body weight slightly forward to the front feet, straighten up, and look left back.
When you exhale, turn back your body and put down your hands.
Repeat several times left and right according to your own conditions.
An ancient Chinese proverb goes, “do not expose your skin once White Dew arrives.” Since people may catch a cold due to the cold temperature, please add more clothes in time.
(Video: Shanghai Qigong Research Institute)