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Tips for health: traditional exercises during Cold Dew
From:english.eastday.com  |  2022-10-08 10:28

As the fifth solar term in autumn, Cold Dew indicates the arrival of late autumn. It is getting cooler and cold weather is around the corner, so the dew almost becomes frost.

In northern China, maples are all in red, and forests are in a deep dye.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, cold invades the human body from the feet, so having a foot bath can repel cold and improve blood circulation. Although it is a good time to start reinforcing therapies, tonics will cause excessive internal heat easily if you eat too many.

The exercise of Cold Dew strengthens the Foot-Taiyang Meridian Sinew.

It begins at the little toe, connects to the outer ankle, goes up along the back of the leg to the buttocks, runs towards the neck and the top of head alongside the spine, and ends at the nose down from the forehead.

Breathe in, raise your hands and put them under the ears. Stand on tiptoes and hold your hands up. Then turn left to twist.

Breathe out, turn back your body and put down your hands.

Repeat several times left and right according to your own conditions.

Cold Dew often falls around the Double Ninth Festival, it is customary to climb mountains, appreciate chrysanthemums and eat tasty crabs during these pleasant days.