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Tips for health: traditional exercises during the Beginning of Winter
From:english.eastday.com  |  2022-11-07 12:46

As the first solar term in winter, the Beginning of Winter comes around November 7th each year. Winter means the end of a year, so everything starts to hide and store after the Beginning of Winter.

It is the transition from autumn to winter while Yang-Qi retreats and Yin-Qi grows. Everything is about to rest and store energy.

There is a folk custom that people use reinforcing methods at the Beginning of Winter. Warm and nourishing foods can protect us against low temperatures.

We should prevent cold from impairing Yang-Qi at this time.

The exercise of the Beginning of Winter strengthens the Foot-Jueyin Meridian Sinew.

This meridian sinew originates on the first toe, with its branch starting from the third toe, ties to the inner ankle, goes up along the inner sider of the leg, and knots with the perineum, thus connecting to all meridian sinews.

Breathe in, make fists with the thumb under the other four fingers, and lift them up. Breathe out, turn left, and push your hands out to the left.

Breathe in, and turn your head to the right.

Breathe out, turn back your head and body, open your arms and put down your hands.

Repeat several times left and right according to your own conditions.

At the Beginning of Winter, northerly winds blow in the cold weather, so remember to keep your head, feet and back warm.

(Video: Shanghai Qigong Research Institute)