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Shanghai Tour Bus Center
From:meet-in-shanghai  |  2015-10-14 13:25

Created in May of 1998, STBC is a Shanghai-based travel service supplier directly under the umbrella of Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, offering a full product lineup featuring over 170 travel routes that make for 1-day trips, 2-day trips, 3-day trips, bus trips and train trips to 270-odd attractions.
Lying where Zhongshan Road (S-2) and Caoxi Road converge and being close to Xujiahui, the main station which covers 12,000sqm in area features a massive public service building with two stories above the ground and one story underground.
It provides travel information, ticketing service and transportation service, manages information releases, monitors quality, handles complaints and respond to safety emergency situations. The first floor above the ground is for departing passengers and buses, while the underground floor is for ticketing, information and other generic services. The facility offers 67 bus parking spaces, including 24 departure spaces.
Shanghai Tour Bus Center (STBC)        

Website: www.chinastbc.com/english
Add: 2409 Zhongshan Road (S-2) (close to the Public Transport Hub at Caoxi Road)
Transportation: Shanghai Indoor Stadium Station of Metro Line 1, 4, Caoxi Road Station of Metro Line 3, Bus No. 42, 138, 704, 926, etc.
Inquiry: +86 21 24095555
Shanghai Tour Bus Center Hongkou Station:
Add: 444 East Jiangwan Road
Bus No: 70、52、101、552、854、139、18、21, Metro line 3 at Hongkou Football Stadium Station
Inquiry: +86 21 5696 3248
Shanghai Tour Bus Center Yangpu Station:
Add: 640 Longchang Road
Bus No: 145、577、77、28、813
Inquiry: +86 21 6580 3210
Shanghai Tour Bus Cente Shanghai South Railway Station:
Add: 666 Shilong Road
Bus No: 857、111、156、957, Metro Line 1, 3 at Shanghai South Railway Station
Inquiry: +86 21 5436 3617
Shanghai Tour Bus Center North Station:
Add: 1652 Zhongxing Road
Bus No: 117、106、115、928、962、912、817、508, Metro Line 1, 3, 4 at Shanghai Railway Station
Inquiry: +86 21 5697 2850
Shanghai Tour Bus Center Baoshan Station:
Add:  No.251, Songbao Road
Bus No: 719、522
Inquiry: +86 21 56170116