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Refrigeration expo chills out from today
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2021-04-07 08:29

Carbon neutrality, clean air and safe cold-chain transport will be the focus of the 2021 China Refrigeration Expo.

More than 1,100 exhibitors will display their latest technologies and products at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from today to Friday.

Of nearly 20,000 exhibits, 54 products, from compressors, freezers to heat pumps, are to be honored as innovations. Most of them display carbon neutral technologies, according to WangCongfei, deputy secretary general of the Chinese Association of Refrigeration.

In September, China announced that it would strive to bring carbon dioxide emissions to a minimum before 2030 and become carbon neutral before 2060 in its efforts to tackle climate change.

Conventional ways to reduce carbon emissions include less use of fossil fuels and increased use of renewable energy. While today experts are calling for scaling up a new alternative — CCUS, short for carbon capture, utilization and storage.

The idea is to capture carbon dioxide and turn it into useful products.

Moon Environment Technology Co fromYantaihas developed an array of technologies enabling CCUS and applied them in several domestic carbon dioxide recycling projects covering petrochemical, natural gas and coal chemical operations. The technologies will be displayed at the expo.

China’s frozen food industry is another major energy consumer. In food processing factories, the amount of electricity used to freeze food accounts for up to 70 percent of the total. The industry is urging low carbon solutions.

Safety in cold-chain transport has become the latest concern, according to Wang.