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City in bloom as it prepares for flower expo
From:Shine  |  2021-04-30 20:54

The Bundis decorated with flowers.

Shanghai is being spruced up for the upcoming 10th China Flower Expo and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, local greenery authorities said on Friday.

A total of 100 floral landscapes, 100 floral roads and 100 floral belts are being created citywide, according to the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau.

Floral landscapes in landmark areas such as People's Square,Lujiazuiand Century Square on Nanjing Road E. will be unveiled from mid-June.

At People's Square, the landscape will feature the city’s uniqueshikumen(stone-gate) houses, surrounded by flowers.

The landscape inLujiazui, Pudong,will apply multimedia technologies with fireworks effects.

At present, Chinese roses are in full bloom in the city and rose streets and walls have been created.

LudingRoad inPutuoDistrict,BansongyuanRoad in Huangpu District, Xinjian Road inHongkouDistrict andNantingHighway inFengxianDistrict are some places to appreciate the flowers, the bureau said.

"Refined management of moisture control and fertilizer application and scientific trimming is implemented to prolong the blooming time of the flowers," saidShiYang, deputy director of the Shanghai Greenery Management Station.

The roses will be in full bloom during the May Day holiday, July 1 and National Day holiday, while crape myrtle will flower in July and early October.

Chinese roses will appear on elevated roads such asYan'an, South-North andHuminand eight overpasses includingHongmeiRoad,LubanRoad and TianmuRoad W. andHongqiaoHub around July 1 together with begonia and plums.

ZhijiangRoad M. inJing'an District,XincunRoad inPutuoDistrict and Xilin Road in Songjiang District are among the best places to appreciate crape myrtle in July.

Meanwhile, sanitation and environment campaigns will be carried out at 60 landmark areas such as theBund, People's Square and Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall, the bureau said.

Ti Gong

The Waibaidu Bridge area

Ti Gong

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall