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Hengsha celebrates bounty of its harvest
From:Shine  |  2021-09-17 19:33

People on Hengsha Island celebrated the harvest on September 17, and treated guests with sweet and fragrant figs, grapes, kiwifruit, millet, taro and other high-quality agricultural products from the island.

Hengsha, the smallest of the three islands in Chongming District, plays its part in promoting modern agriculture in Shanghai.

During the celebration, local high-quality agricultural products such as rice, oranges and crabs were favored by businessmen all over the country.

Li Xinran / SHINE

A villager introduces Hengsha Island specialties to a visitor.

Orders totaling 135 tons were placed on Hengsha rice on September 17, while Hengsha Village government reached deals with nine distributors.

The celebration, which runs through September 30, also shows Hengsha's efforts to build a pilot demonstration area for a world-class ecological island.

In Hengsha, nearly 300 hectares of rice paddies that use no chemicals are treated in a smart way. Farmers use smart phones to monitor the whole growth process.

"With your fingertips sliding on a mobile phone screen, you can see the real-time information such as air humidity, temperature, light, wind speed and rainfall," said a Hengsha farmer.

Scientific data will also help farmers decide when to transplant seedlings, fertilize and harvest.

All of these capabilities have been achieved through the agricultural ecological cloud platform of Hengsha Village, which integrates the functions of real-time field observation and meteorological monitoring, as well as data browsing.

Li Xinran / SHINE

Agricultural tourism is getting popular in Hengsha.

Moreover, agricultural tourism puts Hengsha on the right track for sustainable development. In recent years, colorful rice planting and farming experiencing have become the development focus of Hengsha.

The "pastoral poetry" project jointly developed by Fengle and Xinyong villages covers more than 210,000 square meters. In recent years, the scenic spot has not only attracted tens of thousands of visitors, but also promoted the sales of local agricultural products.