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Domestic surgical robot conducts remote knee joint replacement surgeries
From:Shine  |  2021-09-17 19:29

Medical experts in Shanghai control two surgical robots in Guangdong and Yunnan provinces to conduct knee joint replacement surgery on Friday.

Medical experts from Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital conducted two long-distance knee joint replacement surgeries by controlling domestically made orthopedic surgical robots via 5G technology on Friday.

One patient in Guangdong Province and the other in Yunnan Province received the surgery in their hometowns instead of having to travel to Shanghai.

It is the first 5G-based remote knee joint replacement surgery using a Chinese-developed orthopedic robotic system, experts said.

Both surgeries ran quickly and smoothly.

Dr Li Huiwu from Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, a leading expert on the development of domestically made orthopedic surgical robots, said both patients are expected to walk and start rehabilitation on Saturday.

"Robot-assisted artificial knee joint replacement is more precise, minimally invasive and individualized. We want to introduce more high-quality medical resources and technologies to grassroots hospitals around the nation to benefit more patients, who can enjoy good medical services near their homes ," Li said.

The surgical robot developed by Li and his team is the first registered domestic joint surgical robot that has completed clinical trials, the hospital said.

Ti Gong

Doctors discuss the surgeries via 5G technology.