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Blood collection by robot a Shanghai first
From:Shine  |  2021-09-18 14:40

Shanghai's first intelligent blood collection robot has started operations at Zhongshan Hospital.

The robot can take the place of a nurse to handle blood sample collection, the hospital said.

The robot will check each person's blood vessel condition to make an intelligent decision on the position, direction and angle of the needle to ensure safety and accuracy as well as control pain.

Some 20 medical staff at the hospital underwent blood collection by the robot and compared it with a manual operations.

Tests on all data testified that sample collection process and sample quality are in line with clinical standards, and medical staff didn't experience any extra pain.

The first group of patients said they only felt very slight pain when the needle was inserted and no pain when it was removed.

The whole process is completed with oral instruction from the robot.

According to Guo Wei, director of Zhongshan Hospital's laboratory medicine department, the robot uses intelligent navigation control technology through machine vision and biological identification to identify blood vessels and plan the route for insertion.

The robot, which works 24/7, can ensure an intelligent, information rich, and standardized blood collection safely, effectively and efficiently.

Gu Jianying, the hospital's vice president, said the robot is a trial of intelligent medical services.

More AI-based services will be introduced to enhance intelligent and human-centered check-ups, she said.

Ti Gong

A woman has her blood collected by the robot at Zhongshan Hospital.