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Polar bears and giraffes enjoy special mooncakes as Shanghai celebrates in traditional fashion
From:Shine  |  2021-09-20 14:48

Xuhui District is decorated for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Ti Gong

Han-style dance in Xuhui

Ti Gong

The Metro City is illuminated as celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Traditional Chinese music played at Chenshan Botanical Garden during the holiday

Ti Gong

Autumn landscape of Chenshan Botanical Garden

Ti Gong

Autumn landscape of Chenshan Botanical Garden

Ti Gong

Traditional Chinese cultural activities are held at tourist attractions in the city to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival falling on Tuesday.

In Xuhui District, people are invited to guess riddles at Guilin Park and Flower Art Gallery, according to the Xuhui District Culture and Tourism Bureau.

Guilin Park, a Jiangnan-style classic garden built in 1931, is known for its dense woods of more than 1,000 osmanthus trees of 23 varieties.

At Metro City in Xujiahui area, a crystal ball with a diameter of 41.2 meters is illuminated, featuring Tangyun Rabbit, Xuhui District's Mid-Autumn Festival mascot.

Han-style dances are performed at Metro City and while a single pass for afternoon tea, Normandie Apartments ice cream, a cruise tour on the Huangpu River, and discount coupons for shops at Hengfu (Hengshan-Fuxing Road) Historical and Cultural Area is available at the Wukang Road Tourist Information Center as part of the celebrations.

These activities are also part of this year's Shanghai Tourism Festival.

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Hanfu show at Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park

Ti Gong

Polar bears enjoy mooncake at Haichang Ocean Park.

Ti Gong

Unmanned drone light and shadow show at Haichang Ocean Park

Ti Gong

At Chenshan Botanical Garden in Songjiang District, a traditional Chinese-style garden party is staged, enabling visitors to experience the glamor of our intangible cultural heritage.

Traditional music such as khoomei, or throat singing, Jiangnan sizhu (string and wind music), guqin (a seven-stringed plucked instrument similar to the zither), and guzheng (a 21-string traditional Chinese music instrument) is performed at the garden.

Polar bears at Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park in the Pudong New Area are treated with special mooncake which caters to their taste buds. With a diameter of half a meter, the mooncake is stuffed with fish, tomato, carrot and nuts, attracting the attention of polar bear Pi Zu and Ya Tou immediately.

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A girl feeds a giraffe mooncake at Shanghai Wild Animal Park.

Ti Gong

Children make mooncakes for animals at Shanghai Wild Animal Park.

Ti Gong

A lemur enjoys mooncake at Shanghai Wild Animal Park.

Ti Gong

An elephant is ready to eat mooncake.

Ti Gong

Mooncakes for animals at Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Ti Gong

An unmanned drone light and shadow show is staged at the Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, illuminating the night sky with festival elements related with its mytholog such as rabbits and Chang'e. Nearly 500 drones are featured.

A hanfu, the traditional dress of Han Chinese people, show is also part of the celebrations.

At Shanghai Wild Animal Park, children used mashed pumpkin, peanut, red date and glossy privet leaves to make mooncakes for animals like giraffe, lemur, elephant and hippo.