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'Intelligent' buses ensure a hassle-free trip to the CIIE
From:Shine  |  2022-11-10 16:57

The electric-powered buses in use at the 5th CIIE.

Behind the smooth operation of the 5th China International Import Expo is a diligent effort to ensure that everything operates according to plan.

Yutong Bus, a bus manufacturer and service provider, has put 212 intelligently connected electric-powered buses and trolleybuses into operation, providing shuttle and chartered bus services between transport hubs such as Metro stations, parking lots, hotels, and the National Exhibition and Convention Center of Shanghai, and ensuring that visitors' rides are smooth, safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

The buses have been fitted with intelligent systems, such as a 360-degree panoramic early warning system and a collision mitigation control system, which can accelerate response time, enhance operation efficiency, and ensure service quality with the assistance of a smart monitoring platform and road pavement hardware equipment.

Ti Gong

Buses at the 5th CIIE

This year, brand-new video and smart apps have been tested as part of an update to the Yutong traffic guidance system.

At large parking lots, the number of entering and exiting vehicles and passenger movement are monitored in real time, providing data and decision-making support for traffic assurance.

Plans for precise and orderly functioning, as well as the prevention and control of COVID-19, have been formulated with the utmost care and precision.

"We must ensure the normal movement of staff members and implement effective and precise COVID-19 prevention and control methods onboard," said Xu Hongliang, manager of the Shanghai branch of Yutong's service division. "We analyzed service processes and important aspects in advance with great care."

To make it easier for handicapped passengers to board, barrier-free entrances and seating areas are provided on the buses. There have been zero breakdowns, errors, or accidents so far.

Yutong Bus has been a traffic service provider for the CIIE for five years.